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      Starter unit


      morning afternoon evening night arm hand leg knee


      Clap you hands. Jump up high. Shake your arms and your legs. Bend your knees. Touch your toes. Stand nose to nose.

      Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening! Good night!

      Unit1 Pets

      重点单词:bird fish frog mouse mice cat dog hamster rabbit budgie giraffe elephant monkey panda bear


      Have you got a pet? Yes, I have. What have you got? What is it? What colour is it?

      Fly like a budgie. Run like a rabbit. Swim like a fish. Eat like a hamster. Sit like a dog. Roar like a tiger. What colour is Bob’s cat? Alice’s hamster is yellow.

      Lisa’s rabbit is white and black. How many elephants are there?

      Unit2 The days of the week

      重点单词: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday


      What’s your favourite day? My favourite day is Sunday.

      My favourite days are Saturday and Sunday.

      What’s your favourite pet? My favourite pet is cats. (A kind of cats)

      What day is it?